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ooh this blog is still alive
suddenly got reminded today that i had a livejournal many years ago - was downloading apps for my new ipad air and realised there was a livejournal app. tried logging in and voila, i actually managed to do so! :) hello.

so today was a good saturday. only bad thing is the lower lip ulcer that is really painful :( heal quickly puh-leezeeee.

woke up pretty early, had a bowl of nice prawn mee bought by dad and made my way to collect my workpants from uniqlo at somerset. managed to trade in my ipad 2 for the new ipad air @ epicentre. only had a protein shake from smoothie king for lunch 'cos i've been growing really fat lately and i gotta watch my cholesterol based on the latest health check up report. argh. 27 and already fat and unhealthy. cannot! and plus i'm in the healthcare profession. how can i preach what i cannot achieve. :P so, i got all OCD and started downloading apps which can help count calories and stuff. then, J texted me to join the rest for mookata. all diet plans went down the drain.

had my first mookata last year in bangkok. unhealthy stuff but really delicious. the oil from the grill just oozes into the soup and then makes the soup super lardy and delicious. argh. gotta resist. was a pretty nice evening catching up with the JC pals though. made our way to PS cafe ann siang hill for drinks and dessert (and fries - can't believe we even had space for that after an ala carte buffet). my white sangria was so nice. NZ riesling with chrysanthemum, longan, lychee. mmm!

okie. am being an insomniac. 3am already. nights! :)